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The  loss of a pet, to many people, also means the loss of a cherished family member that has given us love in an unconditional and pure way. The loss is significant and you should allow yourself to feel the pain of the loss.  Many people try to hold in tears and emotions, but crying stimulates the release of endorphins which serve our body's natural healing agents.  If you try to hide your emotions during the grieving process you will exhaust yourself.

You are an individual and your way of grieving will be different than the way others grieve.  The following are just a few ways to express your grief:

  • Open expression of emotions such as crying, conversations about loss, etc.
  • Drawing, writing poetry, or other artistic expressions.
  • Dedicating time to animal organizations.
  • Committing to make positive changes in your own life.
  • We would like to offer this page as a memorial page.  Please sign into the guest book and add as many thoughts as you would like.

 The Doctors and staff are sincerely sorry for your loss and if there is anything we can do to assist you through this difficult time, please let us know.