Meet the friendly staff at Halifax Veterinary Center!

  • Dr.
    Kathleen Bartos
    Owner/Medical Director

    Kathleen D. Bartos M.S., D.V.M. opened HVC in July 1990.  She received her B.S. degree in zoology from Duke University and her M.S. in veterinary physiology from the University of Florida before attending veterinary school. She completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) degree at the University of Florida in 1986.  She studied veterinary acupuncture with Dr. Shen Xie at the Chi Institute in Gainesville, FL, is certified in therapeutic laser and stem cell therapies, and is a member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management. She is also an active member of the American, Florida and Volusia/Flagler Veterinary Medical Associations.  Dr. Bartos and her husband enjoy spending time with their dog Abby (Labrador Retriever) and their cats Kira (Domestic Shorthair), Monsta (Domestic Shorthair), Dax (Siamese), and #1 (Domestic Shorthair).

  • Dr.
    Gabriel Abreu
    Associate Veterinarian

    Gabe Abreu, DVM completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) degree at the Ross University in September 2019.  He studied veterinary acupuncture at the Chi Institute in Gainesville, FL, and is trained in canine rehabilitation through the University of Tennessee.   Dr. Abreu is Fear Free Certified and speaks English and Spanish fluently, and has a basic knowledge of American Sign Language.  Dr. Abreu has three dogs Amelia, Dean, and Oliver (all Australian Shepherds).

  • Sue
    Practice Manager

    Sue started as a client at HVC in 2013 and was pulled from an exam room and made a Client Services Representative in 2015.  After a couple of years as Lead Client Services Representative and Office Manager, she became Practice Manager in May 2018.  Sue came to us from New Jersey, where she worked 30 years in the legal field. She loves cats and 'dawgs,' especially hers, Max (Golden Doodle) and Scar (Husky Mix).

  • Val
    Inventory Manager/Client Services Representative

    Val has been at HVC since July of 2009.  She started as a receptionist and is now the Inventory Manager.  She has also been a client of the practice since February 1991.  Val is mom to two cats, Mischief and Poppet (both Siamese Mixes), who keep her and her husband on their toes. 

  • Nikki
    Veterinary Technician

    Nikki has been a technician at HVC since 2013.  She is  a fantastic tech, and has a wonderful smile.  Nikki is a highly knowledgeable and skilled Veterinary Technician. Nikki will rescue any animal she finds who needs rescuing.  Currently, she has dogs, Ally (German Shepherd) and Drake (Rottweiler), and a Snake named Venus. 

  • Stephanie
    Veterinary Technician

    Stephanie joined our technical staff with over 10 years of experience.  She is very skilled and knowledgeable.  Stephanie loves to help educate clients and can often be found returning client phone calls.   Stephanie makes us laugh everyday!  She and her family own a dog named Max (American Pit Bull) and recently adopted a couple of kittens,Tom and Jerry (both Domestic Shorthairs), as well as some chickens and a duck!! 

  • Kayla
    Veterinary Technician

    Kayla joined HVC on her second day living in Florida.  She's been a Veterinary Technician for many years in Illinois.  She has three dogs, Mary Jane (Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua Mix), ZuZu (Australian Shepherd/Husky Mix), and Langston (American Pit Bull).

  • Kathy
    Veterinary Technician

    Kathy is a Florida native who recently relocated to the Edgewater area. She’s always had a passion for rescue animals ever since she was a kid and has fostered and helped adopt out over 70 animals. Including her six foster failures, three dogs Brady(pit bull),Roy (toy poodle),and Dobby (yorkie) along with her three cats Tipper, Padfoot, and Gizmo. When she’s not working you can probably find her at the beach with a book in her hand. 

  • Angela
    Veterinary Assistant

    Angela and her husband moved to Volusia county from the Chicago area, where they attended college.  Angela has a B.S. in Biology and is planning on becoming a veterinarian in the future.  She is furmom to Aurora, a sibling of our clinic cat Scotty.

  • Tawatha
    Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Services

    Tawatha, or T, as we like to call her, rounds out our Kennel Services Team.  She is a music student at Daytona State and hopes some day to help calm animals with music.  A bedtime lullaby may be just what our boarders want.  She brings a sweet, respectful personality to our HVC family.  T lives with her dog Jericho (Australian Cattle Dog Mix) and her ferret Snuffy.

  • Kenzie
    Hospital Assistant

    Our Hospital Assistant Kenzie joins us with previous experience in patient care.  She loves working with animals and is training to become a Veterinary Assistant.  Kenzie owns Clarence (miniature pig , Finn (Border Collie), Nova (Domestic Shorthair) and Dexter (Domestic Shorthair), and Cupcake (Cockatiel).

  • Melissa
    Senior Client Services Representative

    Melissa greets every client and patient with a smile.  She has loved animals her whole life. If Melissa answers your phone call, be prepared to be told a corny joke.  Melissa is furmom to Abby (German Shepherd) and Bandit (German Shepherd Mix), as well as Binx (Domestic Shorthair) and LucieFur Morningstar (Domestic Shorthair).

  • Lily
    Client Services Representative

    Lily is our part-time Client Services Representative.  She joined our team in June 2018 and is always willing to help our clients and love our patients.  If you are admitting your pet for treatment, be sure to tell him or her that Lily will become his or her best friend.  Lily has two dogs, Max (Golden Doodle) and Scar (Husky Mix). 

  • Briealle
    Client Services Representative

    Briealle is a great fit to our Client Services Team.  She has a beautiful smile and a great personality.  Originally from Indiana, she has gotten very comfortable being a Floridian.  She is mom to Nox (German Shepherd), Pesto (Bearded Dragon), and Terry (African Clawed Frog).  

  • Heather
    Client Services Representative

    Heather came to HVC with many years of client services experience, with four years being in the pet industry.  She is a Volusia County native.  Heather is enjoying getting to know our clients and patients.  She is fur mom to Milo and PeeWee (Toy Rat Terriers who are brothers).

  • Marylou
    Administrative Assistant/Client Services Representative

    Marylou was Dr. Bartos' first employee at HVC.  She can work almost any position in the hospital, except Veterinarian, of course.  You have probably received a phone call or mail from Marylou to let you know your pet is due for services.  Marylou is mom to Baby Girl (Rottweiler) and Puppy (Domestic Shorthair).

  • Trip
    Clinic Cat

    Trip came to us as a kitten in March 2011.  He keeps us all on our toes.  He loves to have his big belly rubbed and to share our lunches.  He can often be found sleeping in our pharmacy inbox.  He is named after Star Trek Enterprise's Chief Engineer Charles 'Trip' Tucker III.  We all think he's out of this world!

  • Scotty
    Clinic Cat

    Scotty was born in April of 2020.  He was brought in with his litter mates at just a few weeks old.  He was picked from the litter to be an HVC clinic cat.  His litter mates were all adopted by HVC staff members.  He is named after the Star Trek Lieutenant Commander Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott.  We know he will live long and prospurr! 

  • Sisko
    Clinic Cat